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CNN took a look back at an interview with recently murdered gay activist David Kato, 46, probably with a hammer. The country's anti-gay tabloid, The Rolling Stone, had printed Kato's photo on its front cover along with the words ''Hang Them'' in an effort to expose and harass known gay men and lesbians. CNN says Hillary Clinton has called for ... [Read]

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy ... [Read]

''In this case our store manager received some complaints and, as has been our custom, placed the shield over the cover of the magazine. When we began receiving complaints at our corporate office, we reviewed the magazine in question, removed the shield and are selling the magazine in all our locations today without any shield. Our true intention is ... [Read]

Newly out sportswriter Steve Buckley and retired football player Esera Tuaolo spoke about the continued suppression of gay male and lesbian visibility in sports today. Tuaolo says that there is a gap but it's closing with baby steps. Buckley, who came out just three weeks ago, says that he's received about 2,000 messages of support and only about four that were ... [Read]

''It was a shame for a lot of us that....  There were people who felt very strongly that we should be showing casually, you know, just two guys together in the background in Ten Forward.... I have no doubt that [today] those same creative players wouldn’t feel so hesitant to have, you know, have been squeamish about a decision ... [Read]

''You want to know what we do, right? 'What goes where? Who licks what?' So tedious. I screw girls -- so what? And only the hottest, by the way.'' The relationship-avoiding Tea of ''Skins'' (played by Sofia Black-D'Elia) after a late-night lesbian sex encounter with her high school classmate. (MTV) The bawdy British import reportedly lost half of it's viewers ... [Read]

[ALSO: Read what Joel Osteen later told Oprah Winfrey and the Sally Quinn about "homosexual sin."] 'Yes, I've always believed, Pierce, that scripture shows that it's a sin. But I'm not one of those that are out there to bash homosexuals and tell them that they're terrible people.... ''I don't believe homosexuality is God's best for a person's life. I mean, sin means 'to ... [Read]

''What’s funnier than a man making eyes at another man? What’s funnier than hapless homosexual males guessing that a straight guy is interested in them? I know: assuming an audience of 80 billion also agrees it’s funny. Gay panic is just the tops.'' -- Louis Virtel for Movieline ''I guess there are only a handful of memes available to ... [Read]

''I did, yes, Jonathan Knight.... 'the quiet one, the shy one.' He became gay later. I didn't do it. But he's fabulous.... I had issues with that. I was thinking maybe I did, but no. Now looking back, when we were dating, we used to do facials together. He was so easy to talk to -- Hello! Right?'' 1980s pop ... [Read]

''The best drag queens always come from the southeastern part of the country. I don't know if it's because of the Bible Belt, but there's something about the south that just breeds great drag queens.... ''That's for someone else to consider me that [a gay icon]. I consider myself someone who enjoys life. I love to laugh.... I probably ... [Read]

''I can't wait until they add an 'S' at the end of 'LGBTQ...S' for straight, so that it's all the same, all across the board, you know.'' -- Jason Mraz ''We had to go to Massachusetts, and that's okay, we got married there. We're domestic partners here. But we would love to be married here in California.'' -- Jane ... [Read]

If you're gay or bi,Or something in betweenThere's no one meaner thanA bunch of asshole teens. But those assholes are theFirst people that you will soon forgetWhen you're living life and learningHow much better it can get. It gets better! Lyrics from comedian and performer Rebecca Drysdale in her new video, "It Gets Better." The dancing, musical contribution to the ... [Read]

''He was a small young man.  His heart showed slight swelling. It was slightly enlarged.  This was a secondary finding.'' Latest update from KSAX about gay high school student Lance Lundsten who passed away from undetermined causes. Details continue to trickle out from this case, and Wednesday afternoon, KSAX quoted Douglas County Medical Examiner, Mark Spandbauer, as saying that ... [Read]

... [Read]

"We knew this direction was a long shot... The answer now is for us, return to the political process. All is not lost at the Supreme Court level, in that there still will no doubt be a case from Massachusetts or California that will reach the Supreme Court and get some direction on the issue of marriage." Harry Jackson, ... [Read]

[Update: Medical Examiner determines Lundsten did not die from enlarged heart.] Lance's father called KSAX and said he received a call from the coroner saying Lance had an enlarged heart and died of a coronary edema. He said he believed it was not a suicide. From a TV news station in Miltona, Minnesota, regarding the sudden death of 18-year-old ... [Read]

''The judge has confirmed what we already know – that in these circumstances our civil partnership has the same status in law as a marriage between a man and a woman, and that, regardless of each person’s religious beliefs, no one is above the law.'' Steven Preddy remarking on a lawsuit that he and his legal civil partner, Martin ... [Read]

''From the moment I met [Luke Worrall], he was telling me he loved me and he wanted us to get ­married,. But now I ­realise it was all lies. At the same time as he was professing his love to me, he was doing the same to Kelly.... He told me that it turned him on knowing I was ... [Read]

"I'm not even a sports fan; I just have a lot of experience in marketing and advertising. ... You can't just open a stereotypical gay bar and expect that one set of people. That group's already been targeted." --Douglas Schantz, owner of Washington's own Nellie's Sports Bar, talking with Business Week about the emerging "gay sports bar" trend in a ... [Read]

''Oh, Moe. How could you lie about who you are, when who we are is all we are?'' Line from a gay character at the end of ''Flaming Moe,'' the title of this week's episode of the animated TV show, ''The Simpsons.'' (The Simpsons) The plot began with Mr. Smithers finding out that Mr. Burns didn't respect him for ... [Read]

Naughty Rick Gervais' gay wisecrack [video]

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January 17, 2011 12:33 AM |
''Also not nominated, 'I Love You Philip Morris.' Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor -- two heterosexual actors, pretending to be gay. So, the complete opposite of some famous Scientologists then.... What? Probably? My lawyers helped me with the wording of that joke.'' Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais during his opening monologue at the Golden Globe Awards. Among his many ... [Read]

''I'm very proud to be part of this very special film about two women who are deeply in love, and trying to keep their family together. My partner, Julianne Moore, I have to thank first.... And Mark Ruffalo, our awesome sperm donor.'' Actress Annette Benning thanking her cast members from the film ''The Kids Are All Right'' for her ... [Read]

''To all the amazing kids that watch our show, and the kids that our show celebrates who are constantly told 'No' by the people and environments, by bullies at school that they can't be who they are or have what they want because of who they are. Well, screw that kids!'' Out gay actor Chris Colfer of the hit ... [Read]

''I thought it would be useful and pertinent to have the campaign in the Capital Region because of the numbers for HIV and AIDS among gay black males have has risen significantly.... You have to start from a place of respect in order to address the stigma and homophobia of being a black gay man.... [Councilman Allen] is looking at ... [Read]

''I was a little surprised by it because you sort of see that used on TV shows and, you know, especially comedies, a lot. But, I would say 'yes' and 'no,' because it was completely out of context that they were evaluating it, and it was a piece of advertising.... This was sort of something being thrust upon people.'' ... [Read]

''Some recent events have called into question the principles of Chick-fil-A, and speak directly to the heart of our organization. Last week, one of our local franchise Chick-fil-A operators made the decision to provide food to two upcoming February events billed to strengthen marriages. Marriage has long been a focus of Chick-fil-A, starting with my own mom and dad ... [Read]

The little faggot with the earring and the makeupYeah buddy, that's his own hair.The little faggot got his own jet airplane.The little faggot, he's a millionaire. We got to install microwave ovens.Custom kitchen deliveries.We got to move these refrigerators.We've got to move these color TVs.  Lyrics by the British rock band Dire Straits for their 1985 hit, "Money for ... [Read]

''In the past few years, D.C. has been loosening its tie and doffing the boring blue blazer.... The gay center of the city has migrated east to Logan Circle, a hip, funky area with friendly bars and Whole Foods. Plus, gay-owned restaurants like L’Enfant and Comet Ping Pong are tantalizing the city’s more refined palates.'' From the Advocate's debatable ... [Read]

''It's how many ears we can reach.... That is our job, that is our goal.... This trip is off. That doesn't mean a future trip isn't on.'' Margie Phelps as quoted by the LA Times on why she and her horrible family at the Westboro Baptist Church have decided to not picket at the funerals of Christina Taylor Green, ... [Read]

''There's a huge population of gay people in figure skating, but I'd say it's this same percentage as football. You'd be surprised by how many normal, straight people figure skate.... In some way I feel that I went to this Olympics because the people in charge knew that I would bring viewers... ''I have no 'in the pants' life. ... [Read]

''You = Me'' The theme running through singer Ricky Martin's latest video for ''The Best Thing About Me Is You.'' One affectionate male couple is included along with a couple dozen other models in a video which is aimed at promoting unity and a celebration of diversity. (VEVO) ... [Read]

''I would just like to say that these pictures have been taken completely out of context, my mother and i are very close as she is with all her children.... We have nothing to hide and with that in mind I would like to say that I am openly gay.'' Peter Brant II the son of model Stephanie Seymour ... [Read]

''Applications for U.S. passports and the redesigned CRBA will also use the title of “parent” as opposed to “mother” and “father.” These improvements are being made to provide a gender neutral description of a child’s parents and in recognition of different types of families.'' Announcement made by the US Department of State regarding Consular Report of Birth Abroad records ... [Read]

''Some of my friends who are artists reached out to me privately, but only one of those artists — Mary Chapin Carpenter — made a public statement about my coming out, to the positive. Mary Chapin Carpenter said, 'Chely should be commended for what she's done.' My other artist friends reached out to me privately and said they loved ... [Read]

''I'm very surprised by the reaction. I'm a person -- I've never lived in a closet. I've never claimed to be anything -- I've never claimed to be straight or gay. I claim to be Johnny Weir. And I think that's something that's very important for anybody in this world, is to own who you are, regardless of what ... [Read]

''Check it out 'I DID NOT RELEASE THAT STATEMENT',whatever you like is your business but I AINT GAY OR BISEXUAL,I love women PERIOD!!!!!!!'' Tweet released by singer Omarion (aka Omari Ismael Grandberry), 26,  formerly of the group B2K. Over the weekend a mysterious "press release" was picked up by blogs like Bossip.com in which Omarion was allegedly quoted as ... [Read]

''We asked the front desk to call up to Carlos but he didn't respond... We [saw Renato Seabra in the lobby and] asked him about Carlos, and he looked panicked. He never expected to see us in the lobby and he told us, 'Carlos isn't leaving the room,' This answer surprised us and we told the hotel manager.'' Monica ... [Read]

''My mother and I had already had the gay talk, during which she had told me that nothing had changed, that she loved me, asked if I was seeing anybody, and so on. What she didn’t like was the idea of me coming out publicly; she was of the opinion that it was really nobody’s business, and she worried ... [Read]

''I lost a friend and I've had friends that have attempted suicide. There are people that don't have a voice to speak out and show what is happening and what can happen, so I just wanted people to see the honesty in it and be aware....'' Martha Ambrosius, formerly of Floetry, who says her new music video, "Far Away," is ... [Read]

''I'm not just a Republican, I'm a conservative Republican.... While I was born gay, I wasn't born to believe government has all the answers.... I completely and totally reject that [notion that the Republican party does not like gays]. For the second year in a row, participating in CPAC... ''No, the Republican party hasn't always been welcoming to gays. ... [Read]

Chick-fil-A, Inc has offered the following on Facebook as a reply to the increasing controversy over their restaurants' support of anti-gay groups:  ''To our Facebook community: First and foremost, thanks for your patience as we made sure we gathered the facts in regards to recent postings. We have determined that one of our independent Restaurant Operators in Pennsylvania was ... [Read]

''All in all it's a trumped up story.... There are a couple restaurants that are giving us food.... We didn't even get any money. The food was freely donated to the churches hosting the marriage retreat.... People should applaud institutions that want to strengthen marriage.'' Michael Geer of the Pennsylvania Family Institute speaking with the Christian Post. The Post's ... [Read]

''The lights dimmed, and Sean Hayes opened the show alongside a troupe of male dancers.... Then he started to pine after the office lunch lady (Kristin Chenoweth), and I realized that I had been all wrong. It’s not just that audiences don’t often see openly gay actors in straight roles. What’s even more unsettling is that Hollywood doesn’t even ... [Read]

''I noticed that carrie fisher, who got so angry at me when I outed Rosie O, has now outed Travolta. I hope it's not true that Travolta is gay,because I have been going around telling everyone that I know him and he is not, and I say the same about Tom Cruise.  I do not think they are gay ... [Read]

UPDATE #3: Group behind "Art of Marriage" posted many disturbing messages about gay people and same-sex marriage on its official website, plus Chick-fil-A president issues video  to claim food donation was not an "endorsement."  UPDATE #2: PFI claims donation was from a local restaurant, but Chick-fil-A has a history of being listed as a supporter of anti-gay groups. UPDATE: Chick-fil-A has ... [Read]

''Over the years I've gotten several complaints about inappropriate materials during these videos, never to me personally but, gutlessly, through other channels. This evening, all of you bleeding hearts -- and you fag SWO boy -- why don't you just go ahead and hug yourself for the next 20 minutes or so, because there's a really good chance you're ... [Read]

''The energy that's required, the persistence to rip out a part that is very deliberately anchored in, suggests that this person has some significant issues. Somebody walking the streets out there has a real hate-on for the gay and lesbian community. I understand that people are not targeting Xtra with this; they're targeting the gay community. We're just a ... [Read]