Roseanne on outing gay celebs, Carrie Fisher and John Travolta

Posted by JD Uy
January 4, 2011 10:29 PM |

''I noticed that carrie fisher, who got so angry at me when I outed Rosie O, has now outed Travolta. I hope it's not true that Travolta is gay,because I have been going around telling everyone that I know him and he is not, and I say the same about Tom Cruise.  I do not think they are gay because they say they are not and they sue people who say they are, so that is all the proof I need that they are not gay.''

Comedian Roseanne (Barr) on her blog where she frequently stands up for gay people -- occasionally to a fault. Her latest comment seems to be in reference to an interview that actress Carrie Fisher gave to the Advocate, saying Travolta should stop suing over persistent rumors that he is gay. Roseanne mixes these comments with a scathing review of M. Night Shyamalan's directorial abilities, or rather, lack of. (Roseanne World)

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