Best-selling Catholic 'Confession' iPhone app pushes guilt on gays [video]

Posted by JD Uy
February 13, 2011 3:01 AM |

''With the help of two priests, three young Catholic men from South Bend, Ind., have developed an iPhone app to guide Catholics through — and if they are lapsed, back to — confession.... Under the Sixth Commandment, men and women are asked: 'Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?' Priests, however, are not. They are asked if they flirt.''

From a New York Times article that looks at a new and popular iPhone applications called, ''Confession: A Roman Catholic App." The menu driven software apparently guides users through a series of questions that would essentially allow them to admit to their "sins" by tapping on the screen. In return, people receive pre-written advice and prayers of penance. There is no live person involved. (NYT)

''This is cyber spiritual abuse that promotes backward ideas in a modern package.... Gay Catholics don’t need to confess, they need to come out of the closet and challenge anti-gay dogma.... This app is helping to create neurotic individuals who are ashamed of who they are. The creators of this device are the true sinners and they need to confess for the damage they are doing in the name of religion.''

Wayne Besen as quoted in a press release from his organization, Truth Wins Out. (TruthWinsOut)

Several other iPhone apps have come under scrutiny for anti-gay motives (Manhattan Declaration) or insensitive content (PeekABoo Tranny).

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