Glee's gay teenage dream, Darren Criss, visits Ellen Degeneres [video]

Posted by JD Uy
February 2, 2011 6:09 PM |

''It's been really special for me because the character is something that I'm very personal about. It's something that I believe in. It's just so happens to be attached to a sort of socio-political package that I'm very invested in. So, aside from it being a hit show, and having a job, it's been.... It's a great job, it's been a real bonus.... I think it's important to be explicit about the fact that I'm very comfortable with my sexuality, and that I am a straight male playing a gay character.''

Actor Darren Criss, who plays a gay high school student Blaine on the hit TV musical ''Glee,'' opposite openly gay actor Chris Colfer who plays another gay student, Kurt. (The Ellen Show)

Last year Criss told Vanity Fair magazine that he was "inadvertently raised in the 'gay community'" doing theater in San Francisco at a very early age.

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