Lady Gaga gives birth in video celebrating sci-fi motherhood, new race of humanity [video]

Posted by JD Uy
February 28, 2011 1:41 PM |

Lady Gaga, the self-designated ''Mother Monster'' of pop music, released her latest video today. It is not the ''gay anthem'' that many had expected, but rather an expansion on the notion that she's giving birth to a new race of humanity. (LadyGagaVevo)

She emerged from a giant egg on the Grammy Awards. And during a charming interview on ''The Tonight Show,'' she told Jay Leno that she had met people in her age group who were against gay rights:

''Yes, I have. Of course, I have -- but not my fans. But yes, there's all sorts of people all over the world with so many different views. But most importantly, I think it's about bringing people together.

''And the performance we did last night at the Grammys -- and what we've been doing with the egg and the rebirth -- it's meant to signify an artistic statement of birthing a new race. And it's a race with no prejudice. A race within the race of humanity, that bears no prejudice against anyone.''

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