Transgender hip-hop singer from Philadelphia sought for injecting deadly silicone [video]

Posted by JD Uy
February 15, 2011 10:08 AM |

''She started coughing and having shortness of breath.... What we believe happened is that the injector nicked a vein and put the substance into the bloodstream. It goes through your vascular system and lands in the lung and since it's a gel, it will pile up like a rock.''

Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia police giving the New York Daily News details of a suspected homicide. (New York Daily News)

Claudia Aderotimi, 20, came from London to Philadelphia with a friend to receive silicone injections to enhance her buttocks. A 42-year-old transgender woman nicknamed "Black Madam" met the two women at a hotel room near the airport and administered the cosmetic treatment. Aderotimi died last Tuesday after being rushed to the hospital due to shortness of breath. (CBS Philly)

It is believed that silicone injections are sought by individuals who want a more curvaceous appearance. Illegal procedures are done because the desired result can be obtained at an affordable price. A 2008 report by HamptonRoads revealed the prevalence of "pumping" among transgender women and performers. Too often, the treatments have dire health consequences: infections, clots, and pulmonary embolism.

The Daily Mail reports that Aderotimi had previously received the painful injections in November.

Black Madam's is known as Padge Victoria Windslowe, though reports say she uses other aliases like  Lillian Languri to cover her tracks. She has a YouTube channel with at least one music video.

A Plastic Surgery Forum at contains discussions of "Butt Injections" and posts contain references of visits to "Miss Lillian" in Pennsylvania. Recent posts discuss this case and mixed messages are shared about health and saftey. This 2008 post is attributed to "MPA-Languri, Wynnewood, PA:"

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