Pennsylvania man claims Bible, prayers made him stone elderly gay "friend" to death [video]

Posted by JD Uy
March 20, 2011 4:21 AM |

"Thomas explained to investigators that he killed Seidman because Seidman had been making homosexual advaces to him over a period of time. And that he had read the Old Testament -- that homosexuals should be stoned in certain situations...."

"Thomas also told detectives that he received answers to his prayers to put an end to Murray Seidman's life."

"[Thomas] was the Power of Attorney over Seidman's affairs, and was the sole beneficiary of Seidenman's estate."

Police Chief Dan Kortan, of the Landsdowne Police Department in Pennsylvania, describing the alleged homicide of Murray Seidman, 70, by his "friend" and "companion," John Joe Thomas. The 28-year-old Thomas lived in the same apartment building as Seidman and reportedly spent every day with the older man prior to the murder in January. Police have charged Thomas with using a large rock wrapped in a sock to kill Seidman. They say Thomas faked his discovery of the crime scene. But recently confessed to the murder where he claimed controversial portions of the Bible said it was right to do so. Police believe the motive was likely money. (ABC 6)


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