The Smoking Gun identifies beaten transgender woman; McDonald's employee calls her 'a man' faking seizure [video]

Posted by JD Uy
April 23, 2011 6:55 AM |

''Tha Title Of That Video Is A Lie.... That Was Not A Female That Was Getting Beat Up.... That Was A Man....He Was Dressed Lik A Woman...And He Was In Tha Females Bathroom Knowing He Was A Man....And When Told To Get Out Tha ladies Bathroom He Got Smart With Everybody So Tha Two Girls Beat Him Up.....It Was Not A GIRL....AND THE SEIZURE WAS FAKE BECAUSE AS SOON AS THA POLICE CAME HE GOT RIGHT UP'' Facebook post attributed by as being from a user named "Charm Hackett." TSG identifies him as a McDonald's employee also known as Vernon Hackett. His post refers to a Monday night attack that occurred near Golden Ring Mall (northeast of Baltimore, MD). (TheSmokingGun)

A video allegedly posted by Hackett onto YouTube (reposted at WorldStarHipHop) shows two young black females attacking a white female -- punching, kicking and dragging her by the hair. Several employees are seen watching the incident and doing little to end it. One man who appears to be a store manager tells the girls to stop but does not physically intervene. A fourth, elderly female tries to get them to let go of the victim, but then she is hit in the face, too. The victim of the attack is seen on the floor shaking in a manner similar to a seizure. The video does not show what happened before the attack occurred, nor does it show what happened after police arrived.

trans.pngThe disturbing video of the beating ran as the lead story on many Baltimore TV news programs Friday night. Witnesses interviewed on camera outside of the restaurant expressed their disbelief at what appears to be an inadequate response from the employees. Online, much of the early reaction had been focused on the racial differences of the women involved. Initial mainstream news reports did not include the transgender aspect of the incident at first, perhaps because the redacted police report did not appear to reflect that information.

The victim is identified by as 22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis, who is also identified by a male name, Christopher Lee Polis. TSG claims to have evidence that Polis also has a history of criminal behavior. WBAL TV 11 visited one of the alleged attackers at home but she had little to say on camera.

Hackett's Facebook page now says it has been taken offline, and a seemingly affilliated YouTube page for user "bully6lue" has also been removed. However, a Google cache of that YouTube page shows two videos listed as: "Fight At McDonald's Pt.1" and "Pt.2." Each video had a description that read:

"Two Girls Beating A Man/Lady At Mcdonald's."

The status for the first video last read: "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech."

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