Confused Letterman asks Chaz Bono to explain gender vs. homosexuality [video]

Posted by JD Uy
May 15, 2011 1:20 AM |

''At the time, I thought that I was a lesbian. I confused my sexual orientation and my gender identity, if that makes sense.... Sexuality is who you're attracted to -- it's about other people. Your gender identity -- I like to think of it as having really two components. There's, obviously, there's your physical body, your sex. But there's also how you feel inside, the gender of your brain. And for transgender people, those two things just don't match up....''

''It's been a process for [Cher]. But I think she's becoming more and more comfortable. Look, I watched her on your show when she was here for 'Burlesque.' And she actually said 'he' a few times which was the first time that I had heard that.''

Chaz Bono, 42, the famous child of Sonny Bono and Cher, visited the The Late Show to discuss his experience about being a transgender man. Host David Letterman seemed lost for (perhaps comedic effect) proper terminology at times, and had a difficult time distinguishing between "homosexuality" and gender. He even asked if a DNA test would show if Chaz was a male. (CBS / The Late Show

Oprah Winfrey talked with Chaz Bono last week, too. A documentary, "Becoming Chaz," premiered on her OWN Network on May 10. Bono also appeared on CNN with Piers Morgan, where he discussed his engagement to his bissexal girlfriend, Jennifer Elia.

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