California corrections officer denied, then allowed to march in gay pride parade

Posted by JD Uy
June 8, 2011 2:27 PM |

''It's important to him because he's not ashamed of being gay.... He just wants to be treated equally. It's just really about equality....He wants to march in the parade.... He is not interested in pursuing this further if that's what he can do.''

Gloria Allred, a civil rights attorney representing Andrew Johnson, 28, a Chino, Calif., corrections officer who was told he cannot wear his uniform and march in the West Hollywood Pride Parade because it would bring "discredit" to his department. (NY Daily News)

Just a few hours after Johnson's press conference, the State Board of Corrections announced that he will be allowed to appear at the March. KTLA published a statement from the department:

''CDCR did not intend to offend any segment of the population with its recent refusal to allow a correctional officer from participating in a Gay Pride Parade while wearing the department's official uniform.''

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