Marcus Bachmann's sibilant speech sets Internet tongues wagging

Posted by Sean Bugg
July 5, 2011 11:52 AM |


All Kinds of People Weighing in on Marcus _Mr. Michele_ Bachmann_s Sexuality.jpgRepublican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has made plenty of headlines for her anti-gay ways and statements, but currently it’s her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, garnering the headlines as one of his speeches on homosexuality — in which he calls gays “barbarians” — has become an internet meme. Of course, that’s less because of his homophobic content and more about his delivery, which is a little on the sibilant side. Gawker has a round-up of famous people joking about the potential Tea Party First Husband being a little light in loafers, noting that this isn’t the first time the subject’s come up:

People started questioning Bachmann's sexuality well before his wife announced her presidential campaign. Back in September 2010, for example, Truth Wins Out—a nonprofit whose mission is to fight "anti-gay religious extremism"—posted on its website a YouTube of Bachmann with the comment, "Comment not necessary." That vid got people talking, but not at the level we're now seeing. Will his sexuality become a bigger issue as Mrs. B's campaign churns along? We'll see.

Of the Gawker roundup, we're a little partial to Andrew Sullivan's compare-and-contrast of Dr. Bachmann (a "ssuper-sserial hunter of gays") with Waiting for Guffman's Corky St. Clair, but there's plenty more there -- and likely a lot more to come.



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