NYT talks to young New Yorkers about gay marriage

Posted by Sean Bugg
July 21, 2011 1:56 PM |

Young New Yorkers on Gay Marriage - NYTimes.com.jpgThe New York Times rounds up some perspective of younger New Yorkers on the newly passed marriage equality law and the impending first round of marriages. Some are positive, such as 18-year-old Edward Boljonis:

"We're all equal, right? We're all brought here saying we have freedome. ... Give it to us."

Catholic-raised Bronx resident Wilson Valencia, 19, took a more negative view:

"If you want to live together, live together, but getting married, that's pushing it too far."

Mohammed Hosen, a 19-year-old Muslim from Brooklyn, even though not comfortable with same-sex marriage, took a live-and-let-live approach:

"As long as they're happy, why should it matter to me?"

Metro Weekly

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