MSNBC covers NYC's Latex Ball: Gay voguing and trans runway revisited [video]

Posted by JD Uy
September 24, 2011 7:34 AM |

"You will see a lot of love. You will see competition. So, it's like a pageant and a basketball game. You merge them all together. You have the beauty and the glamour of it, and then you have the team spirit of it."

Luna Luis Ortiz speaking on camera with MSNBC about voguing and pageantry at the Latex Ball, held at NYC's Roseland Ballroom last month. The 4-minute report was prominently featured on the home page of MSNBC's website today. The positive and upbeat portrayal included a brief history of houses, voguing, and runway; along with a lot of unique images of people of color celebrating gay and transgender nightlife. (MSNBC)

Apparently, some of the network's viewers were not ready the visuals. Commenters this morning were mostly negative -- calling the piece a "freak show" and claiming that the media was "cramming down our throats" gay propaganda. A couple of early posts claimed to be from gay people who said it was a "problem" for gays to be shown in such a stereotypical manner.

What do you think -- Fierce or fearful?

If you're hungering for more voguing in the media, you might want to watch for Leave It On the Floor, a movie musical about L.A.'s ball community. It was released this summer and is currently being shown on the film festival circuit.

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