Joel Osteen keeps preaching 'homosexuality is a sin,' gay marriage against scripture

Posted by JD Uy
October 26, 2011 6:18 PM |

Prosperity televangelist Joel Osteen spoke with The Washington Post's Sally Quinn about his recent comments on the Piers Morgan show regarding homosexuality and gay weddings.

Osteen and his wife, Victoria, have repeatedly been invited on CNN and other networks to discuss his beliefs. He has a long history of claiming homosexuality is "not God's best," "it is a choice," and "a sin" according to scripture.

Quinn asked Osteen to clarify his statement to Morgan that he might attend a same-sex wedding but would never officiate a gay marriage ceremony (Washington Post):

 "I've said for as long as I can remember that I believe the scripture, to the best of my ability, that homosexuality is a sin. I had never been asked about attending a gay marriage. And my point there was -- you know, if there was a family member or someone you love, I would look at it as a respect to that person. But as a Christian minister I couldn't in good faith marry two same-sex people because I believe it's not what the scripture says...."

Oddly enough, he suggested that gay people could read his new book and walk away with the principle that people or bullies should not be allowed to steal their power. He seemed to imply that certain organizations focus on homosexuality and "beat people" rather than express Jesus' love like he wants to.

Osteen claimed "we all have sin" and then likened homosexuality to "pride." He said he wanted to love someone "into wholeness" who "maybe has this certain difficulty now, maybe in five years they're not."

Nowhere in this short interview, nor in the discussions with Piers Morgan, does Osteen acknowledge that there are Christian ministers and other religious leaders who fully embrace gay people, happily conduct same-sex marriages, and consider homosexuality part of God's creation.

Osteen on Piers Morgan's January 26, 2011 show saying "I think [homosexuality] is wrong" (CNN): 

Osteen on Piers Morgan's October 11, 2011 smiling through another go-round of "respect" for sinful gays. He said he is not against anybody or anything but he would never personally marry two gay people despite his respect for changes in modern law because it is against his version ofscripture. His wife Victoria said she would go to a friend's gay wedding if she had time (CNN):

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