Quinto's coming out moves ABC News anchor to say he's gay, too [video]

Posted by JD Uy
October 18, 2011 11:18 PM |

''He's 34. I'm 35. I'm thinking, 'I could lose my distraction about dating actors right from that one, maybe.'''

Dan Koefler, an anchor on ABC News's late night program World News Now, commenting on air about actor Zachary Quinto's recent announcement that he is gay. Later, on an ABC News advice blog, Koefler wrote (ABC News):

''Because WNN is a show where you can offer some personality, I had a little fun with the story saying that I would drop my rule against dating actors. I’ve never shared that I’m gay on-air, even though I’ve been out to my family, friends and co-workers for years. In fact, an old boyfriend – now best friend – has always given me a hard time about not doing so.... As a journalist, I don’t want to be the story, but as a gay man I don’t want to stand silent if I can offer some inspiration or encouragement to kids that might be struggling with who they are.''

Zachary Quinto, who played the character Spock in the last "Star Trek" movie, was recently at a promotion for his latest film, "Margin Call." Quinto told a reporter there that he was grateful for the people who had reached out to him. He described his coming out experience as "thilling, scary and overwhelming," but added that he hoped his declaration would help in some way.

The "Star Trek" franchise's other out gay cast member, George Takei, took notice of Quinto's coming out and tweeted (Twitter.com/GeorgeTakei):

"Set your phasers to "Stunning!" Zach Quinto comes out, doubling the number of the out Trek Family."

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