Clear Channel's John and Ken Show say Hollywood gays force actresses to look like 14-year-old boys

Posted by Randy Shulman
January 17, 2012 3:07 PM |
John and Ken

"Gay guys control the fashion industry and the casting industry and the whole Hollywood look. And gays like bodies that remind them of a 14 year old-boy. Guys like curves. Guys like curves. Absolutely, positively. It's biological, because a woman with curves looks like she can bear your children successfully and that's biologically what a man is looking for. So sexually a guy is much more turned on by a woman with curves than these 14 year old-boy stick figures. And that's how I know for sure, I don't need to do any research or any proof that it's gay guys who control the entire casting industry."

A comment made by John Kobylt during the January 16 broadcast of Clear Channel's syndicated talk show The John and Ken Show. Kobylt and co-host Ken Chiampou were discussing the previous night's Golden Globes Awards with contributor Sharron Farren. Media Matters responded in its blog that "Kobylt's claim that 'gays like bodies that remind them of a 14 year-old boy' suggests that gay men are largely attracted to children and invokes the persistent myth that gay people molest children at far higher rates than heterosexuals." Media Matters cited a 2010 post from the Southern Poverty Law Center debunking the myth. (

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