CNN's Roland Martin says sorry some were offended, tweets were just "playful shot" at soccer fans

Posted by Chris Geidner
February 6, 2012 10:50 AM |

CNN's Roland Martin responded to criticism regarding his Superbowl tweets this morning, saying he is sorry if people were offended and that they were just a "playful shot" at soccer. Read the entries from the bottom up:

Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 10.42.41 AM.png

It was not immediately clear whether the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which is calling for Martin's firing, would consider this a sufficient response.

Over at BuzzFeed, however, Matt Cherette pointed out that, putting aside Martin's past comments about homosexuality, even earlier tweets throughout the past week that might cause GLAAD concern. For example:

BuzzFeed-Martin.jpgUPDATE @ 9:15A FEB. 7: On Monday evening, Feb. 7, Martin offered a second apology, calling it his "final thoughts" on the matter:

Based on several tweets I made on my Twitter feed on Super Bowl Sunday yesterday, I have been accused by members of the LGBT community of being supportive of violence against gays and lesbians and bullying.

That is furthest from the truth, and I sincerely regret any offense my words have caused. ...

To those who construed my comment as being anti-gay or homophobic or advancing violence, I’m truly sorry. I can certainly understand how someone could come to a different conclusion than the one I meant.

I’m disheartened that my words would embolden prejudice. While public debate over social issues is healthy, no matter which side someone takes, there is no room for debate as to whether we need to be respectful of others.

The statement is longer. Go read it.


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