Frenchie Davis disappointed by "condescending" Tom Joyner interview

Posted by JD Uy
June 29, 2012 2:31 PM |

Singer Frenchie Davis expressed her feelings on Twitter after appearing on the Tom Joyner Morning Show:

"so confused about why Tom Joyner asked me to be on his show....that was the most condescending interview ever. ugh!"

Davis, known in part for her appearances at Gay Pride events and as a contestant on both American Idol and The Voice, made headlines last week when she came out to the Saint Louis Dispatch:

"I wasn’t out before the relationship, but I wasn’t in. I dated men and women, though lesbians weren’t feeling the bisexual thing. Now I’m in love with a woman I think I can be with forever."

She tweeted today that the Tom Joyner Morning Show had asked her to talk about coming out, but she felt they were "offensive" and "ignorant" and that she had been "ambushed":

"The Tom Joyner morning show asked me to come on and talk about 'coming out' then treated me horribly. the interview was 2 min."

"and hearing some jackass yell 'well let a man into the bedroom!' in the background was not fun"

"it was like they said, 'oh she's openly gay now so we don't have to be respectful, at all'...smh"

"@TJMShow @Jspotcomedyclub @JacqueReid are CLEARLY homophobic. That was so disrespectful smh."

TJMS's Jacque Reid continued the public conversation by disagreeing with Frenchie Davis' statements. She claimed, her "intentions were pure" and wrote:

"I am actually a huge fan of urs & thought it would be interesting to talk about challenges Blacks celebs face w/coming out."

Davis responded by saying none of that intention had been conveyed, and she asked for Reid to broadcast an apology because the show tried to "humiliate me on the air." Reid said she had no intention of apologizing in public or private. Davis finished with:

"sexuality is NOT a choice, but talking to me IS...and when you CHOOSE to do do so respectfully. That's All."

On Facebook Frenchie Davis added:

"GLAAD just emailed me. Oh They gon learn today!"

Tom Joyner's website had not reposted an interview with Davis online by Friday afternoon.

Frenchie Davis' website indicates she is scheduled to appear in Lexington, KY on June 29, and at Cincinatti Pride on June 30. Read her latest brief interview at

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