Catholic Church's Peter Kearney spews bile about Scotland's pending acceptance of same-sex marriage

Posted by Randy Shulman
July 28, 2012 3:15 PM |

"[W]e would believe that same-sex relationships are profoundly harmful both physically, biologically, mentally, emotionally and I have to say spiritually to those involved. No society should facilitate or encourage anyone to enter into a same-sex relationship."

Peter Kearney, spokesperson for the Catholic Church, to BBC Radio 5's Dominic Laurie. Kearney was discussing the church's dismay over the Scottish government's bold and much-lauded move this week to legalize same-sex marriages. (Currently, Scotland only allows civil unions.)

Kearney served as an instrument of vitriol, spewing the kind of bile the Catholic Church is known for when it comes to issues involving the LGBT community. Kearney was particularly horrific on the show Scotland Tonight, at one point suggesting that "a link between same-sex sexual practice and early death" existed.

Europe's Pink News reported extensively on the exchange between Kearney and BBC 5's Laurie:

[Kearney] added: "The evidence speaks for itself. The suicide rates among gay men, the reduction in life span, among those involved in the practice..." Laurie interrupted him, saying: "I'm sorry but I think gay couples listening would find that objectionable, that you say they are harming themselves." Mr Kearney replied: "I would hope they wouldn't find it any more objectionable than someone with an alcohol problem being told 'You're likely to reduce your life expectancy'. "Well, maybe they would, I don't know. But the reality is that's not my evidence, I haven't made that up. That's a matter of fact. "The behaviour involved same-sex practice is profoundly hazardous and harmful to the well-being of those involved. Now society can turn a blind eye to that and say 'Look, who cares? Let's take a laissez-faire attitude and let them get on with it' and generally speaking, in our self-obsessed have-it-all society, that is the attitude we take. "But the Church can't take that attitude, we have to look at what's best for the individual, whether it be someone who has an addiction to drugs, tranquilisers, alcohol, whatever, or same-sex behaviour and say 'That's not what's best for you'." Laurie responded: "I think some gay couples would refute the allegation that their love is an addiction, but I think we'll probably move on to our next question."

Scottish Liberal Democratic leader Willie Rennie noted of Kearney's assertions that he has research proving his case:

"I am disappointed by Mr Kearney's comments, which came on a day when Scotland was sending a strong message of acceptance. These kinds of comments are not helpful and only seek to inflame discord in our society. If he's got any evidence he should publish it, but because he doesn't he hasn't. He should stop scaremongering."

Source: Pink News

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