DWTS's Derek Hough allegedly "refuses" to have picture taken at gay bar.

Posted by Randy Shulman
August 11, 2012 11:45 AM |
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"I went up to Derek and said, 'excuse me' and asked very nicely if I could have a photo taken with him. Well, he couldn't have been more rude or a bigger diva! I was like, OK, he's clearly not comfortable about having his picture taken in a gay bar. If you're not gay, then what's the problem? Derek's behavior was very suspect."

Ken Lee, a patron at the Salt Lake City gay bar, Jam. Lee told the National Enquirer that he'd spotted the 27-year-old Dancing With the Stars performer "shimmying with his buddies at the gay club wearing skintight, shiny silver pants," and approached him for a photo. According to Lee, the dancer "got all nervous and fidgety and stamĀ­mered, 'No, no, no -- not here!'" Hough has been "dogged by gay rumors," despite his history of dating women, including Shannon Elizabeth, Lauren Hill and Cheryl Cole. Hough once told a reporter, "I've been called gay forever because I'm a dancer. I know what I like and I like women." Source: National Enquirer

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