Gigi Chao allays 'utter insanity' after billionaire dad's $64 million marriage offer

Posted by JD Uy
October 1, 2012 5:23 AM |

''Dear Earthlings, thank you for your flood of marriage proposals, love letters, business proposals, death threats, and other general correspondence. Whether you are Muslim, Catholic, Atheist, Hindu, or what your world views may be, I implore you to stop bothering my friends or my receptionist. I pray that you will all find love, that which begins with self love, and that which begins from love of parents, and that which stems from love of the Universe. Its's been my deepest honour that you have found me interesting enough to follow me.''

A public Facebook post from the page of Gigi Chao. The executive director of a Hong Kong property development firm was caught up headlines last week after her billionaire father offered $64 million to any man who could win her hand in marriage.

Chao is reportedly an out lesbian, and she told Reuters last week that she was already committed through a partnership ceremony held in Paris, France this past spring. On Thursday, she was quoted as saying she was "really quite touched" and "moved" by her father's announcement, but she added that he had a problem accepting the "social statement" made by her being openly gay. By Thursday night, another post appeared on her page that begged: "For your family's sanity's sake, Daddy please rescind the notice!!!" 

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