Wendell Berry, famed "man of letters," counters critics of same-sex marriage at Baptist conclave

Posted by Will O'Bryan
January 19, 2013 12:15 PM |

“The oddest of the strategies to condemn and isolate homosexuals is to propose that homosexual marriage is opposed to and a threat to heterosexual marriage, as if the marriage market is about to be cornered and monopolized by homosexuals. If this is not industrial capitalist paranoia, it at least follows the pattern of industrial capitalist competitiveness. We must destroy the competition. If somebody else wants what you’ve got, from money to marriage, you must not hesitate to use the government – small of course – to keep them from getting it.”

–Wendell Berry, winner of the 2010 National Humanities Medal, prolific writer and social critic, addressing a Jan. 11 gathering of Baptist ministers at Georgetown College, a Christian liberal arts college in Georgetown, Ky. (Associated Baptist Press)

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