Pro-gay rally and anti-gay march to converge at Supreme Court on Tuesday morning

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March 26, 2013 3:14 AM |



Pro-Gay United for Marriage Rally

On Tuesday, March 26, a large rally is set to take place at the Supreme Court at 8:30 am. The address is 1 First Street NE, in Washington, DC.

The rally was organized by United for Marriage (Light the Way to Justice), a coalition of diverse entities which, according to their website, began as an idea by GetEqual and Marriage Equality USA. Coordinators also include GLAAD, HRC, NGLTF, Good As You and others, and they list around 150 partners including a wide variety of religious, employment, civil rights and LGBT groups. A second rally is set to take place Wednesday morning, March 27. [Read John Riley's report.]

The Court is scheduled to hear back-to-back cases this week about same-sex marriage rights. Tuesday's challenge is against California's infamous Proposition 8. Wednesday's challege is against the federal Defense of Marriage Act. [Read Justin Snow's report.]

Anti-Gay Presence

A separate gathering of marriage rights foes has been set to make an appearance, too, according to the anti-gay group, National Organization for Marriage. Their oddly named event, "March for Marriage," is supposed to represent those who wish to stop the legal recognition of gay couples. They plan to meet on the National Mall first, at 8:30 am, when then will march to the Court's steps. They then plan to rally at 11 am on the Mall.


Show Your Colors

Both groups have asked for attendees to color-coordinate their attire. United for Marriage says: "Wear red to show your support for marriage equality!" However, NOM has asked its anti-gay women to also wear red, children to wear white, and men to wear blue. Jackets for the chilly morning weather are likely to prevent either from being noticed much, though.

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Thousands of supporters hold rallies across the United States ahead of Supreme Court hearings

According to multiple news sources, a flurry of marriage equality rallies were recently held, involving thousands of people coast-to-coast. Large and small gatherings met on Sunday and Monday, March 24 and 25, in cities like:

Update: Read about the surprising responses of the Justices, and watch video from the historic event.

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