Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder avoids taking position on LGBT employment protections

Posted by John Riley
October 25, 2013 7:03 AM |

Snyder.png"...that's a broad statement, so it'd depend on the particular facts of the situation. That's a hypothetical, that's very general in that context...The question is how should government be involved in that process and how active, so again that's where I'm happy to work with the legislature as they're willing to look at those kind of issues."

-Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican, in response to reporters' questions on whether it is acceptable to fire someone from their job because they are or are perceived to be gay or lesbian, as reported by Michigan news organization MLive. While being questioned, Snyder tried to avoid taking a concrete position on the issue of whether Michigan should pass employment nondiscrimination legislation. When asked why he was not going to lead on the issue, Snyder responded, "At this point in time I've got a number of other things that I've had as priorities."

[Photo: Gov. Rick Snyder (courtesy of the Office of the Governor).]

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