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"My reaction was to be very, very sad, initially, frankly, for Mr. Manley. But my second reaction is that in making a statement like that, clearly as a matter of total disrespect - I know it's locker room banter - of total disrespect. And in doing that, he demeans young people who are gay, including young athletes and people who ... [Read]

"Well, look, my role as a minister is to teach the Bible. Now the Bible has said some things that people in popular culture don't particularly like. And I understand that. But that's not my role as lieutenant governor. My role as lieutenant governor is to serve all the people of Virginia. I'm a person who respects every individual. Look, ... [Read]

"...that's a broad statement, so it'd depend on the particular facts of the situation. That's a hypothetical, that's very general in that context...The question is how should government be involved in that process and how active, so again that's where I'm happy to work with the legislature as they're willing to look at those kind of issues." -Michigan Gov. Rick ... [Read]

"Where Mr. Northam, a fiscal conservative, is measured and moderate - Republicans tried to persuade him to switch parties in 2009 - Mr. Jackson is drunk with his own words, incapable of resisting bombast and demagoguery. While Mr. Northam, a pediatric neurologist, speaks movingly of the children he has treated, Mr. Jackson blathers about his "love for all people" - ... [Read]

"Many of us perform balancing acts when making political endorsements. Yet this begs the question: What positions should disqualify a candidate entirely from consideration? What hostile views toward any group in America are unacceptable today? ...If a candidate had a similar, unabashed record of combating basic rights for Virginians because of their faith, their race, their nationality or any other ... [Read]

"Those who identify as mostly gay may be expressing an ambivalence about identifying as gay or lesbian due to living in unsupportive environements or getting messages that it's not okay to be gay or lesbian. It may take them more time to work through this ambivalence, particularly since early adulthood continues to be a time of great transition." -Dr. Sharon ... [Read]

"Most libertarians understand that there is more to liberty than just low taxes and the right to bear arms. Regardless of their personal religious views, libertarians (as well as many conservatives believe in the time-honored principle of separation of church and state; not just freedom of religion, but freedom from religion for those who so choose. Given their fundamental belief ... [Read]

"I've gotten pushback from a number of things I've stood up in the pulpit and said, but almost none about sexuality. I think we have a functional consensus in the Episcopal Church...'Schism' is kind of a big word, because it assumes that a lot of people left. The number of people who left were pretty small. It was under 10 ... [Read]

"Obenshain has developed a reputation in the Senate during the past nine years as a legislator who favors ideology over the common interest...[Herring] has increasingly established himself as a socially liberal, fiscally pragmatic voice...He has reversed his position on gay marriage, favoring repeal of the constitutional amendment that he supported in 2006 as a freshman senator...Herring also supports legislative efforts ... [Read]

"Even as both candidates have suggested the office of the attorney general isn't partisan, the political philosophies underpinning their candidacies make it clear that the role of the office, like law, is subject to interpretation. ... "Herring has said he wouldn't defend Virginia's anti-sodomy statute because it's clearly unconstitutional. Obenshain said he didn't know yet whether he had a ... [Read]

"These kinds of comments are simply not appropriate, especially not from someone who wants to be a standard bearer for our party and hold the second highest elected office in our state. They feed the image of extremism, and that's not where the Republican Party needs to be. ... Bishop Jackson is certainly entitled to his views, but you should ... [Read]

“It is through this brief these citizens can speak so that the anti-equality opinions of the current state administration, as represented by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, do not constitute the only Virginia voice speaking to the Supreme Court.” -- Robin Gorsline, president of People of Faith for Equality in Virginia, which joined LGBT rights organization Equality Virginia and others across ... [Read]

“Proposition 8 deprives the children of same-sex couples of the benefits of being raised in a secure, protected family unit with two married parents. In doing so, it works against the states’ efforts to ‘strengthen the modern family in its many variations.’ The states favor – and therefore encourage – marriage over transient relationships because marriage promotes stable family ... [Read]