Money Pit

Posted by Hearsay
August 23, 2007 7:13 PM |

NAC_GEN_web_6.jpgHearsay was no fan of the reportedly homophobic Queen of Mean, and its jaw dropped when it read that hotel magnate Leona "Pillow Mints" Helmsley, who died Monday at age 87, would be laid to rest "in a mausoleum worth $1.4 million -- more than the average Manhattan apartment."

Reports Daniel Trotta of Reuters:

"She will be entombed at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery north of New York City where more than 40,000 people including captains of industry and common immigrants are buried, said Phil Zegarelli, the mayor of Sleepy Hollow, population 10,000.

The wooded hillside with river views is the final resting home of industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie and Walter Chrysler as well as labor leader Samuel Gompers and writer Washington Irving, author of 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.'"

One thing's for certain -- if the Headless Horseman comes trotting by, Leona's ghost will scare him off....

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