Blowoff Takes Manhattan

Posted by Hearsay
September 6, 2007 10:01 AM |

Rich and Bob Blowoff.jpgBlowoff is the latest homegrown gay D.C. brand to branch out of town. Bob "Pour a Little Sugar on it Baby" Mould and Rich "I'm Not A Mushroom, Dammit!" Morel's manly music party, started in a closet at the 9:30 Club five years ago and is now taking over a ballroom in Manhattan. All Hearsay can say is, Watch Out, New Yawk, you're in for one hell of a muscley manly night!. Grrrrowl!

While in New York for this Saturday's inaugural round of Blowoff at the Highline Ballroom , Hearsay is planning to make a full weekend of it. blowoff crowd.jpgManhattan already has a Blowoff-equivalent party in SNAXX, the muscle-bear preserve featuring the sounds of DJs Rich King and Gustavo. That weekly whistle-wetter happens in a closet at the Westside Tavern on Friday night. But Sunday is the extra-special SuperSNAXX, which hibernates at Cielo, the hidden-treasure nightclub den featuring the city's best sound system and its most intimate space. Also next weekend in New York is something called Hustlaball 2007 at Club Rebel. But since Hearsay never pays for sex -- well, never intentionally -- it will settle for the ball to be had at the NYC Eagle, popular any night of the weekend but especially Sunday for the friendly and frisky Beer Bust.

If you can't make it to this week's Blowoff NYC, don't worry: the boys will return to the Highline in December, for what could become a quarterly event. But they haven't flown the coop, either: the monthly edition of Blowoff at the 9:30 Club continues next Saturday, Sept. 15...

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