Bathroom Stalling...

Posted by Hearsay
September 14, 2007 8:49 AM |

It always seemed improbable to Hearsay anyway, but now the world knows just how unappealing it is to hook up in Larry Craig's Union Station. bathroom stall.jpgNo one will wanna go there after reading Jason "Get Paid for Cruising Bathrooms -- I'll Show You How!" Cherkis's undercover report from the hub's stalls. As Cherkis notes in this week's Washington City Paper, there's too much traffic for much of any actual sex, so instead you just have Sbarro and little shits and then, of course, real shit -- and then a few other odds and ends, like "a large black comb wrapped in what appears to be used toilet paper." Why, Miss Lena Lett, what were you doing there?

Cherkis sums it up:

There are other places to take up Craig's legacy. Safer places. Cleaner places.

And with that, Hearsay's off to find dreamier places to cream....

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