A Dominion Fit for a King Queen

Posted by Hearsay
September 13, 2007 6:16 PM |

There's the Rebel Yell -- yee-haw! -- the Volcano -- swish! -- and the Hypersonic XLC -- swoosh and lose your lunch (or cotton candy)! But hands down the most unforgettable ride of Hearsay's thrill-seeking little life is King's Dominion's Drop Zone Stunt Tower. It's a quickie of a ride, lasting less than two minutes. And most of the time is spent getting it up. But once up, it's down in a hurry. It shoots faster than you can handle. Ah! Eh! Oh! Ah! pc_dz_sm2.jpg. Sounds like your trick from last Saturday? Well just give it a try. Hearsay promises as long as you got a close friend or a group with you for support, you'll go back for more, more, more.

And how's this for support? This Saturday night, King's Dominion is closed to the public and only open to upwards of 2,000 gays and gay-friendly revelers as a fundraiser for Brother Help Thyself .It's the first year the benefit has been organized without longtime BHT leader and Hearsay BFF Larry "Let It Out!" Stansbury. Even if you aren't much into rollercoasters or cotton candy, from 11pm to 1am you can shake yourself loose dancing on International Street. DJ Jason -- aka Green Lantern bartender/emcee as well as Chaos resident Jason Horswill, aka DJ Lady Coco, aka former Miss BHT and Mr. Military Mischief Maker -- promises a set that's "very vocal -- screaming queens."

That makes for screaming queens all around, and one very happy King! Get $27 advance tickets at Lambda Rising or the Green Lantern, or $30 day-of tickets at the park....

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