Cruz Control at Apex....

Posted by Hearsay
October 18, 2007 6:53 PM |

Last Friday, Oct. 12, Hearsay high-stepped into Apex to check out the sounds of Dave "Body Shaker" Hansen, direct from Atlanta to make his debut at the club. Hearsay can't remember having that much fun at ApexMike Cruz.jpg since that one night super-manager Joey-O ill-advisedly let Hearsay announce last call. Joey-O won't be doing that again anytime soon, heh, heh, heh.

Anyway, if you missed Jansen's debut -- too bad! Less fun for you! You can make up for it this Friday, Oct. 19, when noted dance producer Mike "Spin Doctor" Cruz will make a long-overdue debut at the venerable nightclub. Cruz was set to pack Apex over the summer -- until a water main break a few blocks away and just hours before Friday night's opening time forced Joey-O to keep the club closed, since the city couldn't get the water turned back on until Saturday. (Damn WASA! This is why Hearsay always goes bottled.)

The summer appearance was to be Cruz's second spin in D.C., after debuting at the short-lived Flex (what? huh?) party at Platinum earlier this year. There, Cruz spun like nobody's business. Even though few made it their business to show up, and even fewer actually danced, Cruz was spinning his signature mix of upbeat tribal pop, both light and hard, divas and drums, as if he were at his usual packed clubs in New York. Finally, at Apex, we'll all get to experience that in D.C. Hearsay can't wait....

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