Brent Everett Goes Cobalt Blue

Posted by Hearsay
October 6, 2007 8:49 AM |

Brent Everett 2-Cobalt.jpgIt's one social event after another in these here parts, these last few weeks, and right now is probably peak week. But not everything is formal dinners and charity drag pageants. Last weekend, it was a porn star parade that tickled Hearsay. Cobalt, that otherwise upstanding model of shirtless bartenders and flashing low lights, brought in not one but two Chi Chi "Taming of" La Rue-affiliated porn puppies. All Hearsay can say is Woof Woof! Manager Jason "XXX Marks the Spot" Royce and his mutton-chopped minions did a dandy job of decorating, framing oversized neon X lights in chain-length fence. The Friday night star was Brent "I'll Show You Mine and You Don't Have to Show Me Yours" Everett, the freelance porn star who has more fans than a Chinese Souvenir Shop. Paul "Woo Woo!" Rothstein is just one such fan. He couldn't wait to see Everett -- and he didn't. Rothstein arrived late and left early, so he missed seeing Brent perform in skimpy bikini briefs and extra-large smile. To view an assortment of photographs from the evening, Hearsay directs you to its cousin, Scene.Brent Everett 1-Cobalt.jpg

The biggest man in the joint? That would be former NBA star John "Oh, You" Amaechi, in town to speak at the Out & Equal conference. Can you imagine being 6'10" -- in Cobalt? Hearsay considered asking Amaechi for some basketball pointers, specifically how to get two balls through a tight 'n tiny hoop, but then decided that what's the point of taking up sports this late in life and got back to slurping its martini, which is a sport unto itself. Amaechi seemed to be in good spirits and stayed till closing along with Cobalt regulars Steven "Club Monaco" Fretwell, Steve "Goldilocks" Finafrock, Mark "Blue Bonnet On It" Milligan, Chaz "It's Not Butter" Crawford, Shane "Stand Back" Griffith and Ray "Funny Fleece" Madrid....

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