Rooftop Chills...

Posted by Hearsay
October 20, 2007 5:57 PM |
Hearsay spent Saturday night, Oct. 13, as a party crasher. And boy does Hearsay love to do that. First up was the slightly shivery party that Matt "Attack of the Mack" Ackland and Ryan "Tell Me Later" James threw for Zachary "Not A Girl -- Or A Woman" Tindall -- and not just because of that image of Tindall in Britney "VMA" Spears-drag included as part of the invite. It's October, gang -- the temperatures have Fall-en. So throwing a 32nd birthday party on the rooftop isn't ideal without a shawl, even if said party is at a deee-luxe apartment in the sky. In this case, 1010 Mass, a grand and brand-new building that comes complete with amenities like windows, walls and ceilingschronicles_of_narnia_1.JPG, all things Hearsay isn't used to having but would one day love. The building at 10th and Mass still ain't completely finished, though it is more than half occupied, and Ackland and James' rooftop party for Tindall was the buzz of the building that night, even among the straight set. Hearsay saw a few faces it knew -- including John "Oh My God, Jackie!" Anderson -- and others it recognized, but none it really remembers in the few minutes it took to drink its nectar and move to warmer climes, where no shawl was needed.

Warmth was to be found up and over, above Logan Circle at the three-story home of Graeme "Sailing Away" Douglas. Douglas, who summers with his sailboat in Annapolis, threw a "bring the party ashore" party that had all the gay boys within at least a 10-block radius coming and going and then coming again. Hearsay got to chat up Ryan "Social Bee" King, Larry "Rockin' Doctor" Kerr and Clint "Corned" Pepper. Hearsay then followed the asses en masse to Cobalt for the Gay Days Tour with Randy "Shiny" Bettis. Hearsay remembers dancing with Randy "Lacquer and Lace" Brown, CJ "Fun Hun" Gustafson and Aaron "By Jeeves" Eaves before passing out on the curb -- see, no windows, walls or ceiling! -- only to wake up when Lena Lett tripped and fell on top of Hearsay. Yes, yes, okay: Hearsay submits.


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