Drums and dancing bums

Posted by Hearsay
January 24, 2008 9:31 PM |
Can you believe it's time for another weekend already? Hearsay was busy last weekend getting leathered and lathered, but it didn't get truly slathered until Sunday, when Hearsay spent all night with men beating on their exposed bums, in the case of the Reaction Dance at the 9:30 Club. At the official MAL dance party, the chapped hides were on display, as were hairy, harnessed chests -- at least once you made it through the long, slow-moving coat-check line. Warren "Put Your Hands Up" Gluck played bright tunes to match the bright lights of John "Open Your Eyes" Niederhauser, not to mention the bright flags of the Reaction dancers -- floggers by day, flaggers by night, Flugelhorn players by command. The men, of course, got dirty, breaking a sweat thrusting and busting a move. Hearsay particularly enjoyed seeing Ray "Leather Leader" Ervin and Dougie "I Saw Santa Kissing a Polar Bear" Gowin lolly-gagging around the packed club, as well as other leather notables, including Nasty Pig owners and models (oink boink!) and assorted other familiar faces and behinds from earlier in the weekend. Now's the time to let loose, men!

Sunday night Hearsay also took in the leather-lighter sights but darker-beat sounds across town at Five. (Hearsay said it was an all-nighter, which is how it came to pass that it's already Thursday and Hearsay just woke up!) Calor promoters Adam Ross "Melody's My Lady" Wilson and Lorenzo "Rhythm Is My Bitch" DeAlmeida outdid themselves by bringing in regular Calor DJ Paulo for a sensational occasion. Hearsay saw a lot of faces at both dance parties Sunday night, but damn if it didn't lose track of 'em all after four days of dreaming. (You mean Hearsay didn't actually trim your toenails at the club, Sean "Sure-Footed" Eagler? That was but a dream? Oh, good.)

Paulo put a special emphasis on his own remixing and production work, and the gig allowed him to show off his skills at the task -- he's essentially picked up where Victor Calderone left off when he gave up remixing a couple years ago. His own new remix of Britney "Not Yet A Woman" Spears's "Toy Soldier" is as stomping as the original, and you can hear others -- many of which he played at Five -- at his website where's he posting productions and sets for free download....

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