Apex Turns 25 with a Birthday Blowout

Posted by Hearsay
February 6, 2008 9:44 PM |
BIGApexWM0376.jpgWhat do you want to do when you turn 25? What's that, you say you already did? Well, this year, so has Apex! Yes, 25 consecutive years in business -- and that's longevity you don't see often in gay nightlife, and in fact, that makes the club one of the longest-running businesses of its kind in the country. Why not celebrate at the club once known as Badlands, and always known as Your Last Call for Alcohol Thursday through Saturday Nights? And why not, indeed, when you can drop your top as the club drops its cover charge for the occasion Friday, Feb. 7? Yes, that means it's FREE! And for the occasion, they're bringing in one of the gay circuit's longest-running DJs -- and one of its most celebrated -- Susan ''You Talking to Me?'' Morabito. But wait, there's more: free champagne, door prizes and surprises. The club's manager Joey-O-lishous promises a great night, and considering his track record with the venue of some 15 years -- 10 of those as general manager -- Hearsay has no doubt it will be a night to remember always....

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