Baked Goods

Posted by Hearsay
February 7, 2008 8:32 PM |
This Saturday brings us one of D.C.'s most enjoyable annual events, Scarlet's 37th Annual Bake Sale and Auction. If playing with the English language is funner than being grammatically proper -- and Hearsay can verily testify that it is -- the same is true for baking. Why just make a Devil's Food Cake when you can make a Devil's Food Cake in the shape of an actual, anatomically correct devil? And maybe even dress up as a devil while you're at it? And all for charity. 2005-02-17_540_9983.jpg

Co-organizer Patrick "Pudding Pop" Grady explains that in years passed winning entries have included those built around the themes of Wicked (of course) and Mommie Dearest (uh-huh). But what if you only shake, don't bake? No problem -- you don't have to bake a cake to rake in money for Pets DC and Food and Friends, this year's beneficiaries. In fact, you could paint a lovely piece of stained glass, or carve a nice piece of wood, or even just outfit a baby's bottle in a harness. That's right, your entry doesn't even have to be edible. Several hundred people are expected Saturday at 4 p.m. at the D.C. Eagle for the bake sale, held in honor of the late Neil Alexander. The sale will take place after a judged competion of some several dozen entries, all competing in four categories, including Best Individual Entry and Most Creative Entry. So get out those E-Z Bake Ovens and start your creative engines....


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