Billy's Beats

Posted by Hearsay
February 8, 2008 4:50 PM |
photo_billy7.jpgBilly Carroll has been DJ-ing for more than 30 years, getting his start at seminal New York nightclubs Studio 54 and Paradise Garage and going on to spin at just as celebrated venues Roxy, Twilo and Tunnel. He was also a regular at DC's Velvet Nation. So if you've never heard of him... well, it's probably because he insists on just being a DJ. "Everybody else today is a DJ/producer/remixer/songwriter," Carroll said in an interview last year with New York's NEXT magazine. "Not me -- I'm just a DJ." And with that kind of focus, it's no wonder he's so good. Junior Vasquez considers him a close colleague, and David Morales, Frankie Knuckles and the whole house music originating crew adores him. And so will you. His high-energy beats will likely make you forget it's February when he spins this Saturday at Town. Who knew you could work up a sweat when it's so cold?...

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