A DJ at his Apex

Posted by Hearsay
March 14, 2008 1:41 PM |
Joe Gautreaux.jpg

It's not every weekend DC gets graced by the "It" DJ on the gay circuit. New York-based Joe ''Easy for You to Say'' Gauthreaux is, after all, only here every few months -- and again tonight at Apex. Gauthreaux is the circuit's most in-demand DJ in large measure because he generally prefers music that's happy and joyous, a return of sorts to the music of a decade ago and beyond. He just shined at Miami's Winter Party on the beach, and next up, he'll lighten New York's Black Party, closing it on a Sunday afternoon. He'll also headline and hallelujah at New York Pride and gay Disney's One Mighty Party, among others. He's like Visa -- he's almost everywhere you wanna be.

Tomorrow night at Apex, expect him to play many of the up-up-up tracks from his new Winter Party 2008 compilation, which features many of the songs that were everywhere in Miami during Winter Party, from ''The Boss'' to ''I'm Not Featuring You'' to ''The Flame'' to ''Don't Stop The Music.'' Actually, Rihanna's not on here, but clearly her fantastic sampling of Michael Jackson is what compelled The Caramel Club to do the same on ''Mama Say Mama Sa,'' which also gets some (uncredited) life from the nearly decade-old house classic ''Get Get Down'' by Paul Johnson. Expect him to play those, and hopefully others, chief among them the latest from Peyton, from the British Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The American-born preacher's kid never fails to deliver sweet gay-positive, gospel-informed club hits, this time. Please, please: ''Never Give Up"....

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