Idol Speculation

Posted by Hearsay
March 6, 2008 8:22 AM |

Hearsay doesn't generally get caught up in all the American Idol madness, but all the fuss being made over David Hernandez's alleged pre-Idol career as a stripper-slash-lap dancer in a "mostly male" club in Phoenix, Arizona has caught its attention. (Hearsay wouldn't mind seeing David perform naked -- particularly if it had anything to do with a lap.) It really enjoyed Washington Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes on the topic in this morning's paper. In her deliciously sarcasm-laced column, De Moraes also points to a "flamboyant" semi-finalist named Danny Noriega, a homemade video of whom has surfaced on YouTube as he sings "Chain of Fools." Naw, he's not gay. No way. Almost makes you long for the days of Closeted Clay.

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