Irish Bottoms Up!

Posted by Hearsay
March 14, 2008 4:11 PM |

St. Patrick's Day is Monday, but why wait till then? Why not make a special weekend out of celebrating the Irish alcoholic? It's a good excuse as any to drink alcohol-laden green fluids. You could almost camp out at Cobalt for the occasion, what with their celebration all weekend long. From $3 Emerald Shooters (and no, that's not just code for twinks) to $3 green beer, or at least, Guinness, well... that's a lotta green. In fact, customers are even asked to wear green. But Hearsay hopes to get pinched -- and not in the Dorothy Hamill kind -- so, it'll wear black instead.

Saturday, you could also tip your hat and hop on your shamrock and head a little bit north, to Rehab, which is throwing a ''Go Green, Get Lucky!'' party, complete with a green underwear auction!

Or, if you're feeling really lucky, steer your beer a bit farther north to the city named after a town in Ireland. The ''town of the big house," for sure, that's Ballmer, hon! Club Hippo is also celebrating the drinking Saint two days early, with a green-themed party Saturday night featuring one of Philly's finest, DJ Stephen Durkin. Yep, he's a lucky Leprechaun, wouldn't ya know! And since that club closes early (at 2 a.m., thanks to a not-very-Irish liquor law), you can keep going at the city's after-hours venue, Club 1722. One of the original gay DJs -- and one of New York's best and while we're at it -- Billy ''Nice Guy'' Carroll will resume his monthly diRTY bEATS party at the club, which he says is "my favorite venue at the moment -- an intimate space, with a ''˜who cares what you are or whom you sleep with' crowd and Twilo-esque sound & lights, complete with nitro blasts throughout the morning.'' And there you have it! And then, if you're still going -- if all that alcohol hours earlier is somehow keeping you flowing -- then let it go at Grand Central for DJ Leni ''The Music'' K's morning RISE! party, which goes til 11 a.m.

Once you've made it safely back to town and gotten over your Irish hangover, it'll be time to celebrate the Saint in proper style. On his actual day! Nellie's is throwing the party to beat Monday, complete with a limerick about the old broad. And if you can hunt down one of the pub's special coupon postcards -- or if you've gotten an email recently through its email list -- then use it to take $5 off the ''best St. Patrick's Day Cheer.'' Here, here -- let's get drunk again, o' oy vey!...

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