Get Madonna's Candy Early!

Posted by Hearsay
April 28, 2008 5:46 PM |

If you're looking for a midnight snack tonight, don't bother with milk and chocolate-dusted, sesame-crusted tofu. Instead, get tomorrow's fix today -- that is, Madonna's new sugar-rush of an album, Hard Candy. In conjunction with Warner Brothers and Hot 99.5, Dupont's lovely independent Melody Records is setting up temporary shop at Be Bar tonight so that you can buy the album early. It goes on sale at Be Bar the stroke of midnight. The chic bar is certainly the place to be tonight: The DJ duo BacK2bACk will help all the material girls and gays get into the groove with a special dance party, spinning tunes celebrating the candy-popping diva who knows how to make the burgoisie and the rebel dance together... at least for four minutes at a time.

Is getting an early lick at Hard Candy worth it? Yes, according to Metro Weekly music critic Doug Rule, whose full assessment of the album will appear in this Thursday's edition. Says Rule: "Madonna struts her way through this album with the same appealingly cocksure attitude she had when she started in the business half her life ago. In fact, anyone who ever called himself a fan will likely savor this for a long time to come."

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