Turning 23 on 17th

Posted by Hearsay
April 18, 2008 9:40 AM |

Spring has sprung and Hearsay just can't get enough. There's hardly a better time to go out in Washington, when the boys are in heat even when Mother Nature gets cold feet. Remember how she tricked us into thinking it would be warm enough to wear shorts all night last Saturday? You say you weren't fooled? Yes, well, poor dear Jeff ''Veronica's A Bitch'' Nelson forgot. His partner told him not to wear shorts, but he did anyway, bar-hopping up 17th Street like it was July.


At least he had a purpose. It's not every day in April Shayne ''Savannah Stole My Mattress!'' Gill turns 23. Though, truth be told, he's turned 23 in April every year for the past decade, maybe more -- once he logged onto the Internet for the first time, he never looked back and lost all track of time! Gill's hubby Bob ''How Did It Happen?'' Leidich organized an ''Ignunt Bar Crawl'' to celebrate the birthday, starting before sunset at Halo, then skipping over to JR.'s, then DIK Bar -- or Windows, depending on your outlook -- then Cobalt, allowing for a couple drinks at each stop. Some 40 of Gill's heaviest-drinking buddies made the trek, or met up with him along the way, including Brent ''Taking One for the Team'' Minor, Paul ''Sticky and Sweet'' Corrie, Steve ''Take a Picture'' Ewens, Chuck ''Any Boy You Like'' Ruoff and Brian ''On the Move'' Alberts. The party ended up at Bob and Shayne's lovely abode on Riggs Street.

''Liquor in the front, poker in the rear,'' Gill said as he greeted his guests. Hearsay didn't see any poking going on -- at least not while it was there. Though there was entertainment, which was quite entertaining. Did somebody say Secrets is coming back? Somebody sign them up! There were also gallons of liquor. Bob and Shayne had 20 or so bottles out on the back porch -- but over 100 more on the floor in the dining room. Those boys are well-stocked. Next time you run into them, ask about their "Cupcake Splash"....

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