Dance Your Pride Off

Posted by Hearsay
June 12, 2008 5:04 PM |

Do you feel like dancing this weekend? Pshew-wee, then has Hearsay got a weekend for you! It takes a village of course -- Hearsay can't do it all, though Hearsay has sure tried to do everyone! And what is Capital Pride without a village? This year, Pride even brings in some legends to make sure you dance like the Romans did in their village. When in Rome... To kick it off, stop by to hear a legend, in town both Friday and Saturday nights. Susan "Dorito" Morabito, who's been spinning since before the act was a verb, will DJ both nights at Apex, that legendary club celebrating 25 years in business this year.


He's only a legend in his own mind, but entertaining all the same, and Project Runway's Christian ''Fierce Tranny Who's Not Really'' Siriano will work it out Friday at the Official Capital Pride Men's Party at Town tomorrow night, June 13. Be careful what you wear and how you wear it, else Siriano will slap you with a ''hot mess'' citation. A what? Is that a good thing or bad thing? Only one way to find out! While the men's dance party is about fashion, the Official Capital Pride Women's Party at the nearby 9:30 Club is about music, with enough lesbian rockers to form a clique, including Melissa Ferrick and BETTY. And over in Northeast, Fuego hosts the year's D.C. Latino Pride Dance, with one drag performance after another.

Following the parade on Saturday, Cobalt will have a special Pride edition of its Flashback '70s disco and '80s retro party with DJ Jason "Raiders of the Lost Quark" Royce, launching immediately at the end of the parade. At midnight, DJ Chris "A Little Dab'll Do Ya" Combs will spin tribal and progressive house. There's the special Pride blowout edition of Blowoff at the 9:30 Club -- it's also the summer's final Blowoff, which will take a hiatus until September. So get your man fur groomed and get your furry fix for the summer. At Fur itself there's the official Pride event Unity, where boys and girls will dance together for 11 hours nonstop, to DJs Steve ''Chip Chop You Don't Stop'' Gonzales, Steven "Harry and the" Henderson, Sin "To Win" Morera and others, including a new DJ on the scene, BabyPeeps, who reportedly only spins songs by The Wiggles. Fur is open till 8 a.m., giving this town a rare after-hours event. Meanwhile, back across town, Town will bring in Chris "Platinum Finger" Cox, the former Thunderpuss-er and Nation regular who will make his debut at the club. Be Bar will have back2back DJ'ing boycamp, with Counselor Ba'Naka Devereaux leading go-go boys in team games while patrons will no doubt engage in individual pursuits. For the ladies, there's Lure's pride event at the RnR Bar, at 717 6th St. NW, featuring DJs Raw and Rosie, both mainstays at Baltimore's Hippo....

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