All That Yaz

Posted by Hearsay
July 31, 2008 1:32 PM |

We love you Alison!” came the repeated shouts from the packed, adoring crowd at the 9:30 Club a few Sundays ago. They were mostly folks, many gay, who heard the songs of Yaz’s Alison “The Love You Gave” Moyet and Vince “I Ain’t Ever Gonna Let You Go” Clarke when they were new, more than 25 years ago. They never expected to hear the two live again. Tickets at a hefty $50 for the 9:30 Club? Patrick “Madonna’s Asking Too Much” Branson, for one, said it was money well spent for such a rare treat.

Moyet looked uncomfortable up on stage, standing as far away from the audience as possible. She went over and gave Clarke a hug at one point, without offering a word of reason -- she just felt the love. And she smiled like a shocked, shy schoolgirl when people professed their love for her, repeatedly. But there was nothing shocking about the reason for the love. Joe “Inside Information” Pheeny had heard right: Moyet’s voice never sounded better.

At some points the music was a dead-ringer for Erasure, at others, Depeche Mode. No wonder: Clarke founded both those bands too. And it was no wonder why so many gay thirtysomethings (and then some) were in the house. This is music they were weaned on! If prompted, Hearsay bets Art “Move Out” Garza, Paul “Don’t Mess Around” Eley and Craig “How You Get About” Chase, to name three, could name most tunes in three notes or less. Many in the crowd stumbled down the block after the show, capping off the night at Nellie’s. It certainly was (synth-)popping up in there!

The whole affair got Hearsay to thinking. (Or maybe that’s due to all the Jameson shots Chris “Sticky and Sweet” Layfield forced Hearsay to drink. Slurp!) Anyway, wouldn’t it be something to hear Erasure’s Andy “My Gay World” Bell sing with Moyet? Come on, Vinnie -- work your magic and come back next year as a trio. Might Hearsay suggest calling the act Yahoo and Yaz? By whatever name, Hearsay would pay $100 to see that....

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