Duplex Diner Adds Faux Winehouse to its Menu....

Posted by Hearsay
July 22, 2008 4:36 PM |
Amy Swinehouse.jpg

So now we know. Amy "Syringe Binge" Winehouse can't walk very well. She won't give up the microphone easily, either. And she's not punctual to save her life.

Or at least, we know that about the Winehouse who graced the 18th & U Duplex Diner on Saturday night. The surprise performer for the Diner's 10th Anniversary party was a complete surprise -- not a celebrity at all, but an unknown celebrity impersonator, a sloshed and disheveled drag queen acting as Winehouse. Yes, that was the surprise the crowd packed into the dining area and up into the bar waited and waited and waited to see, some 80 minutes after the tentative 10:30 p.m. start time. She ran through a couple of Winehouse's hits -- half-lip-synching, half-forgetting why she was there -- all the while she ran through the crowd and climbed onto the bar, spilling people's drinks as she trotted along.

Before the show, The Diner broadcast a montage of photos tracing the history of the Duplex Diner from when Eric "Eat, Eat, You're Like A Wafer You're So Thin!" Hirshfield first leased the wreck of a building in 1996, to when it opened two years later in 1998, to now, when it's as popular as ever. The best part about the night was catching up and chatting up the convivial crowd of regulars, including Doug "Feel the Burn -- It Is Supposed to Burn, Right?" Jeffries, Karl "Taint Misbehaving" Jones, Chris "Silent Burp" Crain, Lee "Cuss or Discuss" Hylton, John "I'm Not Usually This Bitchy" Anderson, Kevin "Keep It Upbeat" Gray and of course fomer Diner staffer Chord "Spree Was My Invention" Bezerra, who spun at the Diner on Sunday night for the 10th anniversary weekend's finale. Hearsay can't wait to see who Eric brings in for the 20th anniversary. Might Hearsay suggest Faux-donna?....

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