Halo Renewed

Posted by Hearsay
August 11, 2008 12:11 PM |
Red Bull.jpgIt just started Sunday, but right now, Halo is already almost halfway through the remodel of its upstairs. If construction goes as planned, the upstairs renovation will be unveiled next weekend. What’s changing? For starters, manager Scott “Angel Cake” Passey’s personal Glory Hole is now gone. Along with the other writings on the wall -- literally. Last Saturday night, patrons were invited to scrawl on the painted brick wall opposite the bar, writing whatever they wanted to. Someone signed for Hilary “Huff But No Puff” Duff -- and Hearsay’s almost certain it wasn’t the real Hilary. And someone else asked, “Where is Miley Cyrus?” Hearsay’s not as clued in to the Disney Channel as it probably should be, but it guesses she’s in, Montana?

For the occasion, Halo revived drinks from its very first menu, oh so many years ago, before fruit drinks were all the rage. Instead, wings were the thing: Remember crazy Red Bull concoctions? Hearsay’s trying to forget them. If the Kamikaze -- Hangar One Lime and the Bull -- was ever tasty, it’s way passed its expiration date in this day and age....

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