A Model Marriage

Posted by Hearsay
August 2, 2008 9:43 AM |
Shaun and Paul.jpgSo two models from Oxygen-TV's Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency are getting hitched. Season three's Paul "Fashionista" Anderson, the tall, blond Midwesterner, and Shaun "Yo Yo" McCarron, the tall, darker Southerner, are having a ceremony in November in Bora Bora Boring. What's actually not dull about this story is the wedding picture they've sent out with invitations. No, Hearsay didn't get an actual invitation -- who in their right mind would invite Hearsay to such a high-minded event? But Hearsay did manage to get its grubby little hands on the goods. That's the pic on the right, with the grooms-to-be wearing little -- but at least they're in white! What's especially odd is how uncanny this pic looks like the "official wedding" pic that Hearsay's own parents sent out when they got married. In fact, the only difference is that Hearsay's parents' pants had pleats. But what is that in Paul's pants? He either carries a banana with him at all times (because you never know when you'll come face to face with an angry chimpanzee) or he's just really, really happy to be held by Shaun....

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