Abel Fellow

Posted by Hearsay
September 15, 2008 8:12 AM |
Hearsay enjoyed a gorgeous evening a few Saturdays ago after the all-day deluge of rain from Hanna the Hurricane threatened to flood its girdle. Or maybe that was just leftover Fleet residue? Anyway, by nighttime it was ready to head indoors per usual, specifically to hit Town for an all-night deluge of bass from Abel the Almighty DJ. It was only his second night in the venue, and he sure did work the crowd into a frenzy, playing Rihanna early and Madonna late, and all sorts of screaming in between. Hearsay enjoyed dancing with the DJs -- not Abel, but our very own Alan “Back to Front, Up to Town” Chasan and Don “Doing The Nellie’s Dance” Trott. Also in the sea of shirtless sights was Chasan’s friend Rick “Take It From Here” Henderson and Trott’s pal C.J. “Put Your Hands Up” Gustafson. And then there was Miguel “Tattoo You” Lem, out celebrating his birthday. How old? “Timeless,” he said, over and over and over. Hearsay’s getting hard of hearing. Turns out he’s 37. But he does look timeless. Did someone already say that?....

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