Blowoff's Return

Posted by Hearsay
September 19, 2008 3:19 PM |

Tomorrow night sees the return to D.C. of Blowoff after a summer hiatus and out-of-town expansion. You can expect hairy muscle lads and dads out in force, celebrating the return to the 9:30 Club. You can also expect to hear new tunes – maybe even new tunes from Rich “A Boy’s Reverie” Morel himself. His new double-disc set The Death of the Paperboy comes out next month. Disc 2 -- officially “Disc-O," get it? -- has got some dancefloor burners on it. Cyndi “Shirtless Wonders Wreck My Sight” Lauper, for one, is already a fan, picking the album as one of her “10 gayest-greatest of all time." Meantime, there’s a lot more going on with the Blowoff buds. Bob “Hardly Getting Over It” Mould is currently writing his autobiography. Yep, you heard it right. thumb_2008-04-17_1003_29980.jpgThe seminal post-punker is collaborating with noted rock biographer Michael “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Azerrad on the book, to be published by Little, Brown in two years. Chances are, Mould may write all about that one time you made a fool of yourself, going on and on about how much you love saying Husker Du, how much Sugar means to you, how much you love how silly pro-wrestling is, and so on and so on. Hopefully he won’t write about that time Hearsay strummed his guitar and plucked the strings, and slobbered all over his mike -- or about the time Mould caught Hearsay making out with someone somewhere it didn’t belong. Talk about a Blowoff.


But wait, there’s more! Next year -- in March, to be exact -- Mould will release his next solo set, following the success of the great District Line as another guitar-rocking affair. His electronica days are over. Except that they’re not. Did Hearsay already mention his bear-y, beat-y bash known as Blowoff? Well, it just keeps getting bigger and better.

In its hometown, Blowoff continues as a monthly party, but it’s now bimonthly in San Francisco as well as New York, and they also host the party regularly in Provincetown. They sure are getting around! They make Hearsay proud....

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