Halo Goes Orange

Posted by Hearsay
September 12, 2008 8:33 AM |
SCN090508HaloRemodelBW0185.jpgLast Friday night, Hearsay pressed the flesh and pounded the pavement looking for votes. Excuse me, would you vote for orange? No, not Vincent “Not An Apple But An” Orange. We mean the color. Well, it sure makes the new upstairs at Halo look sunny. Yes folks, the upstairs remodel is done, and Halo had its official grand reopening ceremony for the new Ultra Lounge last Friday night, Sept. 5, when men in suits were out protecting Babak "I'm A Justin Timberlake Fan" Movahedi, Councilmembers Jim "I'll Go with Britney" Graham and Jack "Make Mine Madonna" Evans and -- oh yeah, Mayor Adrian “New Kids on the Block, All The Way” Fenty, who actually cut a ribbon to open the place. Snip. Who said Hearsay wasn’t feeling political? The big-time Obama supporter christened the new space, which has serious curves, and comes in waves. Hearsay enjoyed the trendy new look at Halo so much, it stayed there pretty much all night. John “Thank God That N's Not an I” McCann whipped ‘em up strong for Hearsay, so the bright orange lights of upstairs were dancing in our heads by night’s end. Hearsay also enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and meeting new, as well as old friends meeting old friends -- who reconnected through new technology. Thanks to Facebook, Eric “Pennsylvania Calling” Muhl met up with a handsome friend from high school and his boyfriend, in town for the night. Hearsay then went off to find its own boyfriend for the night, setting its sights on a steaming hot little number from South Dakota....

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