The Jokes Are on D.C.

Posted by Hearsay
September 24, 2008 9:34 AM |
Margaret Cho.jpgTwo of the most gay-popular comedians and reality-show stars are hitting town. First up is Margaret “I’m Here To Wash” Cho, who will pick up a Gay & Lesbian Leadership Award from the Victory Fund at their leadership awards tonight. And then every night this weekend except Saturday, because Saturday is a day of recovery, Kathy “This Is My God Now” Griffin will perform her shocking stand-up at DAR Constitution Hall. Thursday and Friday nights are sold out, but tickets can still be had for Sunday. It’s not clear if either comedian will pop into any of our fair share of clubs, but be on the lookout. It’s also not clear if they’ll have cameras in tow, though both VH1’s The Cho Show and Bravo’s My Life on the D-List -- which just won its second straight Emmy -- are all about the two hob-knobbing with the homos, so here’s your possible chance to be a star. Or at least an extra. An even better question: Will their wonderful mothers show? Somebody bring some boxed wine and cheap champagne, just in case....

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